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PropertyHealth, Inc. (formerly CITY Services, Inc.) has long been a leader in its field, recognized throughout California for its excellent client service, reliability, and effectiveness in the following areas:

Property Health performs asbestos and hazardous materials surveys of buildings and properties. Buildings constructed prior to 1990 might contain asbes… Read more...


Property Health offers complete asbestos consulting services. Property Health has a long history conducting asbestos inspections and is a recognized l… Read more...


Lead is a toxic metal that was used for many years in products found in and around our homes. Because lead is an element (Pb), it does not break down … Read more...


Indoor air quality problems have been around for centuries, but our scientific understanding of the indoor environment is just beginning. Because of t… Read more...


What materials are classed as hazardous?  The regulations surrounding the classification of hazardous materials differ from country to country but we… Read more...


Property Health, Inc. determines the on-site condition of properties, buildings, assets, and operations. Assessments provide a complete environmental … Read more...


Environmental Site Assessments, are performed prior to property transfer or the closing of industrial and commercial real-estate transactions to deter… Read more...


Property Health, Inc. can assist Underground Storage Tank (UST) owners in coordinating their UST regulatory compliance program. Non-compliance with Ca… Read more...

Property Health, Inc
3300 S. Sepulveda Blvd #J23 Los Angeles, CA 90034
Phone 310-901-3102
Fax 310-881-6965
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